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English version of the gArticle 9 Associationh bulletin and news.
The English version of the gArticle 9 Associationh bulletin and news (No.73, dated August 1, 2006) is published by Katsuyuki NARA and Sarah BROCK of the New English Teachers Association ( http://www.shin-eiken.com/ ). The translations are all on our ownD

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6 Tokyo University A9A Groups Hold Joint Seminar

exchange activity reports

The A9A groups of six universities from around Tokyo held a joint summer seminar, on July 30 and 31, attended by about 40 students. The theme chosen was Article 9: Making New Growth. On the first day of the seminar, students learned about and discussed Article 9, and exchanged reports on their activities. On the second day students listened to a Hibakushafs (Atomic Bomb Survivorfs) testimony, and held group discussion and studied anti-nuclear-weapons movements. The activities of some of the groups are given below.@


gKeio University A9Ah

@ Formed last May. This July the group sponsored a lecture marking the one year anniversary of the groupfs founding, to an audience of 60. The group plans a tour to Yasukuni Shrine which enshrines Class A war criminals, and hold further study meetings.


@@@@@@ gChuo University A9Ah

@@ Formed in December 2004. This June the group sponsored a lecture on the theme gThe surprisingly strong relationship between education and Article 9h by teachers from three of the universityfs departments. Presently they hold a weekly study meeting on gIssues of Constitutional Revision.h@


@@@@@@ gTokyo University A9Ah

@@@ Formed in April 2004. Since its foundation, the group has held 15 study meetings, and has sponsored lectures at the yearly campus festivals. It is carrying out activities more effectively by making good use of their membersf mailing list.


@@@@@@ gMeiji University A9Ah

@@@ Formed in May 2005. The group holds a weekly gArticle 9 café.h@ Themes discussed so far at the café are, gAre you for or against a revision of Article 9?h gIs the Democratic Party of Japan in favor of defending the Constitution?h and gLetfs visit Yasukuni Shrine.h@


@@@@@ gWaseda University A9Ah

@@ Formed in 2004. The group holds study meetings and sponsors lectures. About 700 people attended the lecture this group sponsored, which was given by critic Kato Shuichi. It also holds various events at yearly campus festivals.

Local A9A Group News

 Saga (south-western city of Japan) A9A group

On July 15 this group held a meeting on the topic hLetfs talk about the Constitution--- toward a no-war world,h which was attended by about 100 citizens. A Saga A9A member reported on the June 10 national exchange meeting, saying gIt had an air of excitement and power.h He expressed his determination that he would talk passionately about the importance of Article 9 to people around him.


  Sapporo(north eastern city of Japan) A9A group

@@@@ @@@@Four members of this group who had attended the June 10 meeting, reported on the meeting at the local gathering, which was attended by 36 people. They spoke about various activities of other A9A groups around the country, and lessons learned from them. They also said they should expand the A9A network in their local group.

New publication ! ---gJune 10 meeting reporth

Includes : six foundersf speeches and local A9A groupsf speeches at plenary meeting; local and occupational groupsf speeches at group meetings; an appeal from A9A secretariat.

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