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English version of the gArticle 9 Associationh bulletin and news.
Vol.2(July 27,2006)

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The English version of the gArticle 9 Associationh bulletin and news is published by Katsuyuki NARA and Sarah BROCK of the New English Teachers Association ( http://www.shin-eiken.com/ ). The translations are all on our ownD

Updated on July 27, 2006

A9A network expanding: many activities

Osaka high school A9A groups hold exchange meeting

Sixty-two people from 40 public high schools in Osaka held an exchange meeting of A9A groups on July 15. Ms. Tsumura Akiko, a founder of Osaka Prefecture A9A, made an opening speech calling for solidarity between A9A groups. Fifteen A9A groups then spoke about their activities for 5 minutes. Some of the speeches are given below.

*gSome of Japanfs mass media insisted that Japan should make epreemptive attacksf against North Korea, if the threat of attack from the Taepodong missile program becomes any greater. These opinions were in retaliation to the latest Taepodong missile launches. Opinions like this have had a bad effect on young people, including high school students. We must be cautious about such undue trends.h

*gTeachers (in our group) held nine meetings and discussed the bill for setting procedures for a national referendum on constitutional revision. We would like to continue our discussion since we believe that Article 9 should be left intact.h

*gThis kind of exchange meeting is very important as we can talk frankly about any problems, including politics and peace. We need to expand our network by creating an A9A group at every school.h

(Today, an A9A group has already been established or is ready to be established at 53 high schools in Osaka.)

 Comments on June 10 meeting(Continued)

*gI attended a group meeting in the afternoon. About 30 participants spoke, most over 50. I regret that we saw few young people attending. But I felt happy to hear that the secretariat organized a meeting for the sake of young participants that evening.h

*hI found out that many occupational A9A groups, film-makers, lawyers, people of faith, and doctors, are carrying out activities making use of their own special abilities and opportunities. I was able to learn many lessons from their inspiring activities.h

*hI was intensely impressed by the speeches by six founders of A9A at the plenary meeting. I also was moved by 30 participantsf speeches at the group meeting. The grassroots movement seems to have made great progress in the effort to prevent a revision of Article 9 in every corner of the country.h

 Sales of report, videotape and DVD of June 10 meeting

A booklet copy of the report on the June 10 exchange meeting, including speeches by six founders, and 245 participantsf speeches and moderatorsf summaries from 11 group meetings will be available on July 31. (1 copy \1,000)

A copy of the videotape and DVD (85 minutes) of the meeting is now on sale for \1,300, and is selling fast.